To be successful in business, you need to have flexibility, time and organizational skills. When some start a business they believe that it will be a simple solution by turning on their laptops and money will automatically flow quickly, only to learn that making money in business is more complex than they thought. There are ways that you can avoid this narrative in your business ventures by simply taking the time to plan out all of your essential steps that you need to achieve your success. Therefore whatever type of business venture you want to start using these 10 rules can help you be successful with your venture.

77% of companies fail within the first 3 years. When you get your company off the ground, you have to stay working hard to keep it flowing each year. Therefore, it is helpful to have a guide to follow to get you started. So I am happy to share with you the knowledge that I have to help make things simple for you.

Making extra money on the side doesn't have to be hard. Someone as myself have been in the field of generating online income for a few years now and I can ensure you that it does take extra work. But don't worry there are a few ways that you can be on the same path. What are your goals and how much income are you trying to bring in?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a form of business structure that is allowed by state law. An LLC was formed with the intent to limit personal liability of the company owners but also allows the business to be taxed like a partnership structure. Members are those who own the business. The members agree and select on the managers and who will run the day to day operation.